Carbon & Energy Lab welcomes collaborations for RESTART 2016-2020

high_energyThe Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation’s (IPE) recent announcement of RESTART 2016-2020 programme has attracted considerable attention in Cyprus and abroad. This development is good news for researchers, universities whether public or private, private enterprises and the Cypriot economy in general. It is envisaged the programme will help strengthen research and innovation in Cyprus and at the same time boost creativity and the country’s competitiveness.

Together with the announcement, RESTART has also set the priorities for concentrating research funds. Energy related research ranks among the top two priorities for Cyprus. Considering the discovery of hydrocarbons in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone, oil & gas related research topics will be supported by IPE.

Energy constitutes the core of our research portfolio at the Carbon & Energy Lab. Some of the projects we have investigated and continue to do so include the treatment of natural gas, pipeline networks, hybrid conventional and renewable energy systems, environmental aspects of offshore developments and transport phenomena in porous media.

If you are looking either for a host institution or a reliable partner to participate in RESTART we welcome such collaborations. Drawing on our experience from other projects we bring valuable insights to enhance the chances of successfully landing a research proposal. Should you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss various collaborations feel free to get in touch with us.

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