Shale Gas Production at the Micro/Nano-Scale

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Shale Gas Production at the Micro/Nano-Scale


In the past, it was considered that shales can only be the source and the seal for natural gas accumulations while resources encountered in such tight formations were deemed uneconomical to produce. Recent advances in horizontal drilling and reservoir stimulation, such as hydraulic fracturing, have dramatically shifted this perspective by creating conductive pathways within the formation thus reducing flow resistance from the reservoir to the well. Flow characteristics of unconventional reservoirs are closely tied to nano-scale pore sizes. In turn, gas adsorption, on surface areas associated with organic content and clay, and fractures play a crucial part in sound production of natural gas. Accordingly, multiphase flow in low-permeability unconventional reservoirs is a more complex process and subject in greater degree to non-linear physical processes relative to conventional reservoirs. These include non-Darcy flow, strong rock–fluid interaction, adsorption or desorption of hydrocarbon molecules on rock solids, intermolecular forces, etc.
To gain an insight into the mechanics of gas production from shale formations, we constructed a geometrically accurate model of an actual shale micro-image. Discretizing the computational domain, we solve the equations of flow and investigate two phase transport from the rock. Preliminary results indicate that porous throats govern to a large extent fluid flow from shales. Considering the small scale of the rock it also becomes apparent that compressibility of the rock and the fluids cannot be ignored.

Speaker’s bio:

Ms Natalia Kovalchuk is currently a doctoral student in Oil, Gas & Energy Engineering at the Marine and Carbon Lab, at the University of Nicosia. Her doctoral research investigates the characteristics of natural gas transport in shales at the micro- and nano-scales. Natalia holds a Master’s Degree in Reservoir Evaluation and Management from Herriot Watt University, UK, and a Master’s Degree in Geological and Geophysical oil and gas fields development problems from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia, through a double degree program.
Before moving to Cyprus she was employed as a Geoscientist at Baker Hughes Company in Russia and Kazakhstan. During her professional assignments in different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan her responsibilities comprised petrophysical interpretation and micro-imaging of rock formations.

The talk will be delivered in English and is open to the public. Please save the date:

Date: Thursday, September 21st, 2017
Venue/Time: A12, Research & Technology Bld (RTB), 10:00-11:00am

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