Inspecting and Certifying Marine Risers

The Cyprus SPE Section/AAPG Student Chapter cordially invites you to the following event:

Inspecting and Certifying Marine Risers


The first part of the presentation will focus on the technical characteristics of marine risers with special attention on the tasks they accomplish and the pertinent challenges that need to be addressed with increasing water depth. Among else we will provide an overview of the connections/seals between rises, their buoyancy and mass characteristics, integrity considerations, and the choke, kill and hydraulic lines. The second part of the talk will delve into the details of inspecting and (re)accrediting marine rises in line with the various pertinent standards and regulations.

The talk will also outline several oil and gas drilling projects undertaken in Cyprus which involved the re-certification of marine risers. We will also elaborate on production risers as well as servicing and monitoring flexible rises. Lastly, we will briefly touch upon the mechanical aspects of rises which ensure their integrity and safeguard the marine environment during gas or oil production operations.

Speaker’s bio:

Mr Andreas Assiotis is currently employed at Multimarine Services Ltd as a full-time Mechanical Engineer from 2015. As a project manager he was involved with various projects and his duties involve engineering design/modelling/analysis and acts as a quality controller. Andreas holds a Master’s (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering (1st class honours) and he is an Associate Member of the IMechE. He is the winner of a Formula Student project during which he worked on powertrain design and implementation and the winner of the Flywheel project— an energy storage device. He is a certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA), a Professional (CSWP), Advanced Professional – Drawing Tools (CSWPA-DT), Advanced Professional – Weldments (CSWPA-WD). In addition, Andreas is a PCN & ASNT Level II Inspector in Visual Testing (VT), Dye Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Phased Array Testing (PA).

The talk will be delivered in English and is open to the public. Please save the date:

Date: Thur. 28 Nov., 2019

Venue/Time: Research & Tech Bldg, University of Nicosia; RT-142, 17:00 – 18:00

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