Training Workshop on 3D Printing

The Marine & Carbon Lab organizes a training workshop on 3D printing. During the training, attendees will get the opportunity to design and print a small item. Moreover, they will become familiar with the process of designing, rendering, meshing, and the sequence of stages for additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing. Additionally, the training will include an overview of the FabRock research project ( The training is suitable for secondary, high-school students, undergraduate/graduate students in the sciences and engineering, and hobbyists interested in 3D printing.  The training will be conducted in English on Wed, June 21, 2023, at the University of Nicosia, Research & Technology Building, at the Mechanical Engineering Lab, A10, from 10:00am–12:00pm. For more info please click here.

For registrations please contact Dr. Constantinos Hadjistassou at or at 22-842522.

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