The Carbon Lab often organizes various events including conferences, seminars, talks and presentations. Our aim is to bring independent perspectives on important energy matters. All events are open to the public (unless otherwise stated). We welcome you to join us.

LNG as a Marine Fuel (18/10/2018)

The Quest of Natural Gas Offshore Cyprus (01/12/2017)

Classifying and Identifying Floating Marine Debris (30/11/2017)

Shale Gas Production at the Micro/Nano-Scale (21/09/2017)

Research Directions in Geophysics & the Triple Feed-Back Loop (02/05/2017)

Third Licensing Round: Game-Changing Possibilities (06/06/2016)

Aviation Safety for Offshore Helicopter Operations/Search and Rescue (15/05/2016)

• Student Internship presentations (18/04/2016)