CHConstantinos Hadjistassou is Assistant Professor, at the University of Nicosia. Constantinos formed the Marine & Carbon Lab in 2016 and currently coordinates the Programme in Oil, Gas & Energy Engineering.  He teaches classes on pipeline networks, natural gas monetization, thermodynamics and oil & gas engineering. As one of the recognized experts on Cyprus natural gas, his insights regularly feature in the international and local media including the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Al-Jazeera and Bloomberg.

Constantinos serves as reviewer in several respected peer reviewed journals. He holds a Master’s from MIT, USA, and a DPhil in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, UK. His research interests include:

  • Flow assurance
  • Natural gas liquefaction
  • Environmental footprint of the oil & gas sector
  • Flow in porous media
  • Offshore installations
  • Biological transport phenomena
  • Decarbonization & climate change

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nataliaMs Natalia Kovalchuk is currently reading for the PhD in Oil, Gas & Energy Engineering at the Marine & Carbon Lab, at the University of Nicosia. Her doctoral research investigates the characteristics of natural gas transport in shales at the micro- and nano-scales. In parallel with her studies, as a lecturer, she teaches a senior undergraduate class on field development with particular emphasis on petroleum reservoir modelling through the use of specialized software.
Natalia holds a Master’s Degree in Reservoir Evaluation and Management (Herriot Watt University, UK) and Master’s Degree in Geological and Geophysical oil and gas fields development problems (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia) through a double degree program.
Before moving to Cyprus she was employed as a Geoscientist at Baker Hughes Company in Russia and Kazakhstan. During her professional assignments in different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan her responsibilities comprised petrophysical interpretation and micro-imaging of rock formations, processing of wireline and logging while drilling (LWD) data.

Mr. Evangelos Demetriou is currently reading for the PhD in Oil, Gas and Energy Engineering, at the University of Nicosia. His doctoral research focuses on climate change and the role of fossil fuels with particular attention to natural gas. As part of this investigation, Evangelos will analyse different scenarios associated with the partial decarbonisation of the future energy mix, the impact of heat trapping emissions on global earth temperature, the role of renewables, electric power storage and carbon removal technologies.
Evangelos holds a Civil Engineering degree from the National and Technical University of Athens (NTUA) with a degree of 7.8/10. His thesis dealt with the development and application of an analytical model, capable of calculating the emissions of nitrous oxide at an industrial wastewater treatment facility. Evangelos enjoys travelling and going out with friends. To contact Evangelos please click here: demetriou.e11 ‘at’

Ms. Kyriaki Kylili is currently reading for the PhD in Electrical Engineering, at the University of Nicosia. Her doctoral research is concerned with using image processing and sensors to detect, recognise and map plastic debris at sea. The research project “Measuring, mapping and mitigating the effects of plastic debris in the Mediterranean (PLASTICMED)” is funded by the Universitas Foundation. Kyriaki holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, from the University of Cyprus, during which she completed a graduate thesis related to the optical properties of organic-hybrid materials which can be used in new hybrid devices, such as white LEDs. Kyriaki also holds a Bachelor Degree in Physics (University of Cyprus – GPA: 7.24/10). In her free time she enjoys diving and swimming.

Ms. Panayiota Argyrou is currently pursuing her PhD in Oil, Gas and Energy Engineering at the University of Nicosia. Her field of investigation deals with natural gas treatment including acid gas removal— carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide— and the storage of sweet gas under low pressure conditions. Panayiota’s research will evaluate the important aspects for improving and optimizing the extraction of acid gases from a sour (natural) gas stream including the capture of CO2 from flue gases. Proposing a more efficient process for eliminating acid gases promises to lower the operating costs of natural gas treatment plants raising also the market share of more environmentally cleaner natural gas.

Panayiota holds a Master’s Degree by Research in Physics during which she worked at the Magnetism and Superconductivity team of the Condensed Matter Group at the University of Warwick. Her thesis dealt with the superconducting properties of non-centrosymmetric superconductors in Niobium-Rhenium series, with the aid of high definition experimental equipment. During her Master’s studies, Panayiota was employed from the Department of Engineering as a Laboratory assistant for first year undergraduate Physics students.      Ms. Argyrou completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Kent, UK, receiving a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Physics. In parallel with her undergraduate studies, Panayiota was an academic peer mentor for foundation, first and second year Physics students. In her spare time, Panayiota enjoys hiking and volunteering work for her community’s organizations. She can be reached at: argyrou.p ‘at’

Past students:
EmilienMr. Emilien is 22 years old. He comes from France, from the Burgundy region. In 2012, he received his baccalaureate of Natural Sciences and in 2014 he took the entrance exams into national (French) Engineering Schools. Currently, he studies in the south of France at the National Polytechnic Institute of Industrial and Chemical Engineering of Toulouse.  As an intern, at the Carbon & Energy Lab, Emilien focuses on natural gas sweetening which deals with the various aspects for improving and optimising acid gas removal. He plays lots of sports (American football, judo, running and bodybuilding). Emilien enjoys meeting people, going out, visiting different countries, sharing his culture with people and engaging in various hobbies.