Local Content Development in the East Mediterranean Energy Market

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Local Content Development in the East Mediterranean Energy Market



With major gas findings in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt, the gas market in the East Mediterranean is rapidly developing. Especially Egypt with its “Modernization of the Energy Sector”-project is becoming an important player. For Cyprus and Israel one of the options is to connect its major gas findings with LNG liquefaction capacity in Egypt. The region could also benefit from establishing a gas trading hub. But where should this trading facility be positioned?

Besides government revenue, natural gas could bring employment opportunities to the gas producing countries. In this presentation, available options and international examples of local content management are presented. Finally, it will be discussed how Cyprus could benefit from the energy knowledge and experience from countries around the North Sea basin.


Speaker’s bio:

Dr. De Jong is Managing Partner at GGNI and a leading energy business development expert. He contributes to local content projects in areas where natural gas and renewables play an important role in the energy mix. Working all across the globe he completed projects in countries such as Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. He is also the Fellow and a key lecturer for Energy Delta Institute (EDI), an international business school for natural gas solutions. As its first Managing Director, he established the cooperation with Gasunie and Gazprom in 2002. Together with EDI partner companies, he developed and led many executive master and introduction programs aiming at energy transition and natural gas, to share his in-depth knowledge about the energy industry.

Dr. De Jong has been the program director of the Energy Transition and Leadership Program, and the Master of Gas Business Management programs at Energy Delta Institute. He is a lecturer for the energy industry, working for international industry leaders including Dong Energy, Eneco, Enovos, Gasunie, Gazprom, Lukoil, RWE and Shell. In Cyprus, he has been guest lecturer at the MBA program of the University of Cyprus. With a PhD in econometrics, he started his career in 1979 as a professor at the Econometrics Department at the University of Groningen and the Information Science Department at Western Washington University.


The talk will be delivered in English. Please save the date:

Date: Mon. 16th July, 2018

Venue/Time: RTB-102, 12:00-12:45pm

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