LNG as a Marine Fuel

Poseidon Med II project aims to take all steps necessary for the adoption of LNG as marine fuel in the Eastern Mediterranean, while making Greece an international marine bunkering and distribution hub for LNG in South Eastern Europe.

Primary motivation stems from reducing the negative impacts of the use of heavy fuel oil and the facilitation of the implementation of the requirements of a number of EU Directives regarding alternative fuels for the sustainable future of the shipping industry.

As part of the project on Thur. Oct. 18, at 17:30, the University of Nicosia in collaboration with the Poseidon Med II partners is organizing a workshop. The event will examine the use of LNG as a marine fuel in shipping. Various topics include the pertinent infrastructure as well as sources of LNG, the associated challenges and benefits that accompany the use of LNG which constitutes a clean and environmentally friendly fuel. Reception to follow. Free entrance. The event will be held in English. Agenda & registration at: https://lnkd.in/eyZfPM6

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