The Eastern Med Dimension to Discovering and Recovering Hydrocarbons

Dr Yiannis Bassias

Talk Highlights

  • Greek Upstream Sector Developments
  • Overview of Regional Developments

Speaker’s Bio

  • President of the Hellenic Management Hydrocarbon Company
  • Since 2012 advised several companies at various countries
  • Former President of Georex Group
  • Geologist; PhD in tectonics and stratigraphy

Mr Jeff Broad

Talk Highlights

  • Reservoir Fluids Fundamentals & Applications
  • Fluid Types, Well Conditioning and Sampling Techniques
  • Compositional Analysis, Solid Deposition Studies & EOS
  • Case Studies

Speaker’s Bio

  • Founder and Managing Director of JB Reservoir Fluid Limited
  • Independent Consultant
  • Expert in all aspects of fluid characterization

For more info click on pdf file.

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